Healthy gut bacteria are absolutely essential for healthy digestion and immune system. If you have any digestive distress, autoimmune disorder, or diagnosed health condition, chances are VERY good you are deficient in healthy gut bacteria.


What about yogurt?

A lot of people still think they are supporting healthy gut bacteria by eating yogurt. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Why? Bacteria in Yogurt is dead and useless. By law companies are required to homogenize and pasteurize yogurt, which destroys the live bacteria you need for a healthy gut. Not too mention all the sugar added to yogurt that in itself will destroy healthy gut bacteria.


What about probiotic capsules?

Buying a bottle of probiotic pills is another popular option. That can help, assuming you find a high quality product, but it’s only one piece of the probiotic puzzle. Find out why.


3 Steps To Properly Populate Gut Bacteria

Every step is dependent on the previous step


1. Cleanse and “unjunk” your digestive system with a detox.

Bad bacteria built up will take over if you have clogged digestive system from junk food, over eating, undigested food, etc. If you try to plant healthy bacteria in a clogged system, it will not work. It’s like planting grass seed over leaves. Gotta rake the leaves first. Click Here To Learn More About Detox


2. Populate healthy gut bacteria.

Make and drink Fermented Kombucha Tea, or buy RAW kombucha tea (make sure it is raw or you’re wasting your money)
And take probiotics AFTER you clean out your digestive system.


3. Feed your healthy bacteria.
Include raw plant foods in your diet that FEED healthy gut bacteria. If your diet is primarily cooked and processed foods, any healthy gut bacteria you consume will die off.


Tackle All Three is Just 21 Days!


All the best to your health!

Catherine Rudolph, CNC
Nutritional Life Coach