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Hi, I’m Catherine!

Certified Nutrition Consultant, CNC

Foods That Heal You began with my own health concerns in 2001. I was struggling with chronic pain and doctors did not have any answers or hope for me. So I chose to take my health into my own hands through extensive research. As I started to experience my own healing with the diet lifestyle changes, I started helping others in their own journey to health. 

My mission is first and foremost to educate. When I started my journey I found it very difficult to weed through all the information on the internet about what was healthy and what was not healthy. Many diets and programs are so extreme they are not realistic for a healthy lifestyle, and honestly they are just not healthy over all. 

My promise is that you will get nothing but the best from me in terms of training videos and the highest quality organic nutritional products. I always recommend products that I personally use and have benefited from.

Phone Consultations are available at $25/quarter hour session with purchase of video courses or detox program.

If you have questions about the products or programs we offer, please email us [email protected], we are ready to help!