Does the high fat diet work?

I am a big fan of high fat high protein diets (balanced with plenty of vegetables). But since I’m thin and healthy I have never seen the need to go on any high fat high protein diet.
However, out of curiosity I decided to come up with my own version of the “high fat high protein diet” to see what would happen.

My 30 Day (high fat) Meal Plan

1. Eliminated ALL grains, even whole grains, along with refined sugars and processed junk, which I don’t really consume anyway.

2. Focused on… fresh fruit (properly food combined), HEALTHY fats, clean proteins, and plenty of vegetables or vegetable juice.

3. No counting… grams, no counting meals, no counting calories. Just eat when hungry and include a lot of healthy fats and veggies.

The Results?

  • My cravings were almost completely gone after about a week.

  • I felt more satisfied after meals.

  • I lasted much longer between meals.

  • My grocery bill went way down because I wasn’t eating as much or as often.

  • I didn’t have the need to snack before bed (yes I know this is not what I teach. But hey, I’m not perfect either 😉

After 30 days I added back in quinoa and beans in moderation, and have still had almost no cravings.
All of my recipes in both of my books follow these rules (with the exception of Mary’s Gone Crackers).


All the best to your health!

Catherine Rudolph, CNC
Certified Nutrition Consultant