Monthly Group Classes


Every 3rd Tuesday 6:30 pm-7:30 pm


Carmel, IN (contact me directly for exact address)



  • ​Group SupportMotivation, EncouragementAccountability

  • Variety of topics including nutrition, detox, weight loss, digestion,proper food combining, recipes, and much more!

  • Making healthy fun!!


  • $20/person per meeting

  • $10 for members 

I have been attending  the Monthly Nutrition Group for quite some time after doing the detox.  I have learned mountains of information and implemented changes in my diet and supplements.  Catherine has so much knowledge, we could go on for hours learning from her.  

The group is all so supportive of each other.  We encourage one another and discuss things we learn from other sources within the group.  Through the classes and changes I had made, I was feeling better but I thought I needed a more targeted discussion with Catherine to really address my specific issues and feel the best I possibly could.  I scheduled a consultation which lasted about an hour.  

I had sent her some info on what I do in a typical day in advance as well as my symptoms.  During our scheduled call, she already had an individualized plan of action for me.  That very day, I started implementing those ideas that were specific to my needs.  It didn’t take long before I felt a real difference and after about 2 months I began to feel healing happening in my body. 

My husband has also embraced a lot of what I am doing now and he actually craves the juicing in the morning.  Thank you Catherine for helping me and my husband!!  You’ve changed our lives!!

Erin T.

Indianapolis, IN

  • A Complete Guide to Healthy Eating 

  • 30 Day Healthy Meal Plan

  • 50+ Quick Simple Recipes

  • Complete Grocery List

  • Heal Digestion

  • Lose unwanted weight Loss

  • Food combining principles applied to recipes to heal digestion and maximize weight loss

  • Includes full color proper food combining chart