If you’re looking for an all natural safe alternative sweetener to sugar, keep reading!

Most people already know sugar feeds dis-ease. So what are the safest alternatives?

In my search for a safe AND tasty sweetener, I found SO many on the market include unhealthy or unsafe ingredients including sucralose, nutrasweet, aspartame, maltose, dextrose and the list goes on.

Instead of listing every potentially dangerous sweetener, the top 3 healthiest zero calorie sweeteners are Stevia Erythritol, and Monk fruit.


When you’re reading labels be sure there are no other hidden ingredients, especially natural flavors which is really just another name for artificial flavors. There is nothing natural about it and it’s in everything!

Let’s look the top 3 healthiest sugar free sweeteners:

1. Stevia
Stevia comes from the stevia leaf and has a good reputation for being safe and sweet. It has almost no affect on blood sugar. The only potential downside is it can taste bitter or have an aftertaste if you add too much. Which is easy to to because it is so sweet.
2. Erythritol
Erythritol is a sugar alcohol. Over all it’s a good alternative sweetener to sugar because it has no affect on blood sugar, (naturally found in fruits, vegetables and fermented foods). It is considered the safest sugar alcohol with the only potential downside that in high amounts (like an entire pint of ice cream sweetened with erythritol), it may cause digestive distress because it does not absorb it just passes through the digestive system. In smaller amounts however, it’s usually fine for most people.
3. Monk Fruit
Monk fruit sweetener is extracted from the monk fruit plant. It has become more popular recently due to its sweetness and high antioxidant levels. It has zero calories and little or no affect on blood sugar.
Lakanto Monk Fruit is an excellent natural sweetener with only erythritol and monk fruit, nothing else added!



Blessings To You and Your Health!

Catherine Rudolph, CNC
Certified Nutrition Consultant