Weight Loss Video Series

5 Tips To Maximize Weight Loss

The truth is if you want to lose weight that is going to stay off, you have to get healthy first through dietary and lifestyle changes. In my weight loss video series you will learn key guidelines you can incorporate into your current health plan, that will take your health and weight loss to the next level. And they cost you nothing. 



15 Things That Trigger Fat Storage

In this video you will learn 15 different things that trigger your body to store fat.

When you can identify and remove these fat storage triggers, it will allow your body to switch over to fat burning mode.



7 Fat BURNING Triggers

Once you remove the fat storage triggers, it’s time to start signalling your body to burn fat. There is no magic pill or protein shake that’s going to burn fat for you. But you can signal your body to start burning fat, which will cause those extra pounds to start falling off.



Hormones and Weight Loss

There are 5 hormones that can make or break your weight loss efforts. In my weight loss series you will learn how each of these 5 hormones impact your weight loss efforts, and what you can do to balance hormones so they are working for you, not against you.



Putting It All Together

In this last video, Catherine highlights and puts all the previous teachings into a easy to follow check list, to help you “put it all together”. You will learn how to implement these guidelines into your daily routine to help you succeed and achieve maximum results in your health and weight loss efforts!!