Proper Food Combining Video Series eCourse

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eCourse Includes:

  • Five Tutorial Videos by Catherine Rudolph, CNC (each 10-15 minutes long)
  • Three full color downloadable food combining charts.
  • Class Notes (downloadable pdf)


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Learn How To Implement Proper Food Combining Into Your Daily Diet,

and Take Your Health and Weight Loss To The Next Level!


What Is Proper Food Combining?

Proper food combining takes your health and weight loss to the next level. If you have acid reflux, gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, and cannot lose weight no matter what you do, proper food combining may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

You are not what you eat, you are what you digest. The principle behind proper food combining is that if you properly combine different food groups (i.e. proteins, starches, fruits, nuts, seeds, fats, and vegetables), your body will properly digest the food you eat.

Food not combined properly, even the healthiest food, will not digest well. This undigested food rots in your intestines, leads to indigestion, (gas, bloating, heart burn), feeds yeast and parasites, can burrow holes in your intestinal lining causing leaky gut syndrome, food allergies, and eventually lead to chronic disease.

Lastly, poor food combining can cause insulin spikes of up to 300%! That is just down right dangerous! Proper food combining is a simple, inexpensive tool I encourage everyone apply to their healthy diet, to support optimum colon health.

Proper Food Combining has been so effective in my practice, that I’ve put together a Food Combining Video Series eCourse to help you learn how to implement food combining into your own recipes and daily meal plans.

Can’t I Just Take Digestive Enzymes? Digestive enzymes are GREAT and necessary. But our bodies can only break down food in the right environment. For example protein requires an acidic stomach. Starches require an alkaline environment. The body cannot do both at the same time. That’s where proper food combining comes in.


What if I told you, you could:


1. Lose weight without counting calories or eliminating entire food groups?

2. Eliminate gas, bloating, acid reflux, and indigestion without bottles of pills?

3. Heal and cleanse your digestive system without an laxatives or extreme cleanses?


Let me share with you, I had terrible digestion before learning about proper food combining. I tried dietary changes, cleanses, and digestive enzymes. They all helped to a degree.

BUT when I started implementing food combining, it was a game changer!


Proper Food Combining Principles,

along with a healthy diet, can be a game changer for you too!


– Imagine finishing your meal, and not feeling tired, gassy, or bloated.

– Imagine your meal actually giving you energy!

– Imagine your digestive system actually functioning normally, and weight coming off without eliminating entire food groups.


All of this is totally achievable with a few simple dietary changes and food combining principles.



The best part?

You can get access to these principles it took me YEARS to learn,




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