Based on questions clients ask me, there still seems to me some confusion when it comes to juicing vs blending. I think it’s because some of the high speed blender commercials label their blenders as juicers when they are not really juicers.

Juicers make clear juice liquid that contains no pulp or fiber

Blenders make smoothies that include the pulp and fiber

Fresh Juicing Benefits

  • The nutrients in fresh juice are easily absorbed into the blood stream, giving you a powerful boost.

  • Juicing gives your digestive system a rest, which makes it the best option for detoxification and cleansing at the cellular level.

  • Fresh juice contains more nutrients per ounce than blended smoothies.

  • Juicing requires a little more effort buying more produce and cleaning the juicer every day.

  • Juicing is very healing at a cellular level.

  • Two of my top choices for Juicers – Omega 3, or Breville I have both and love them!

Blending Benefits

Which One Is Better?

They are both excellent choices. However, juicing does have an edge over blending nutritionally if you are looking to heal and eliminate serious health conditions. Juicing is more nutrient dense, cleansing, and healing. But it’s no good if you buy a juicer and don’t use it! In that case, blending is the better way to go 🙂

I personally do both. I make my Hemp Seed Banana Smoothie in the morning, and a green vegetable juice every afternoon 🙂


All the best to your health!

Catherine Rudolph, CNC
Certified Nutrition Consultant