Popcorn is not what I would define as a health food, because it has no nutritional value, and can actually be a problem for some people.

That said, it can be what I call a healthy junk food” alternative for some people if it is non-GMO, organic, and prepared properly. You can also find organic sprouted popcorn on amazon which is even better!

Movie theater popcorn, and microwave popcorn are terrible choices due to artery clogging refined salt, toxic oils, and carcinogenic chemicals. Bagged store bought “healthy” popcorn is another poor choice due to added oils and refined salt. Vegetable oils (sunflower, safflower, corn oil, canola oil etc.) all cause inflammation. They are terrible. You really need to make your popcorn at home where you can keep the toxic stuff out of it.


  • It’s high in fiber

  • It’s low calorie

  • If you use non-GMO organic corn and air pop your own popcorn, it can be a good alternative to crackers and chips.


  • Popcorn is a harsh fiber. It can be abrasive to the intestinal lining. So if you have ANY bowel issues, constipation, inflammation etc. Avoid popcorn.

  • It’s very dehydrating and constipating for many people.

  • It’s mostly empty calories because it has almost no nutritional value.

  • It’s a grain so it’s acid forming in the body.

  • It’s really hard to find non-GMO!

Popcorn can be an excellent alternative to ANY bag of chips or crackers IF you buy non GMO corn, air pop your own, and use ghee and sea salt.

All the best to your health!

Catherine Rudolph, CNC
Certified Nutrition Consultant