In a society where time is precious, many of us are turning to Green Superfood Powders to fill in the nutritional gap. But are they really that healthy? Can they replace fresh juice?

The answer is that it really depends on your health goals. Below I’ve listed a few pro’s and con’s for each to help you determine what might be the best choice for you.


Green Superfood Powder Pro’s

  • Excellent vitamin mineral supplement
  • Provides variety of herbs and nutrients that’s impossible to consume even with the healthiest diet


Green Superfood Powder Con’s

  • The naturally hydrating water has been removed from the greens making them dehydrating. So you do NOT want to rely on a Green powder as your soul source of fruits and veggies.
  • High risk for heavy metals, fillers, mold, and contamination. KNOW what you’re buying.


Fresh Green Juice Pro’s

  • Super hydrating! The absolute best way to hydrate the body.
  • Live enzymes that are very cleansing and support digestion.
  • Great way to flood your body with easy to absorb nutrients that bypass digestion completely.
  • Excellent for kidney health.

Fresh Green Juice Con’s

  • Soil is depleted of nutrients, so fruits and veggies are deficient in nutrients. Carrots and Celery today even organically grown, are not nearly as nutrients dense as they were years ago.
  • Juice MUST be made fresh, and not store bought in a bottle. Which means fresh juice is a lot of work. If you’re sick, it’s worth it as your life may depend on it.



  • Green powders are an excellent way to flood your body with a good foundation and variety of nutrients on a daily basis. I like to think of my Green Superfood Powder as my daily multivitamin. Just be sure it’s a comprehensive organic formula. Not all Green Powders are alike.
  • Fresh Juice is an excellent way to hydrate, nourish, and cleanse, especially if you’re sick and need extra support for healing.

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Blessings To You and Your Health!

Catherine Rudolph, CNC
Certified Nutrition Consultant