Proper Food Combining

Video eCourse 

How Can Proper Food Combining Help You?

You are not what you eat, you are what you digest. In this first video Catherine explains the basics of food combining principle and how it can help you eliminate gas, bloating, acid reflux, and improve your over all health.

Class Notes

Food Combining [Chart Overview and Fruit]

In this video Catherine walks you through how to read your first proper food combining chart, and teaches one of the most important food combining rules you can start implementing into your daily routine right away. Be sure to download your chart! 

Food Combining Chart [Book Version]

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How To Build Your Meal

In this next video Catherine walks you through in a simple few steps, how to build your meals and put your plate together, using proper food combining.  

Food Combining Chart [Plates]

How To Build Your Smoothie

It’s time to talk smoothies! This is an area many people get confused! Catherine walks you through step by step how to create two different types of healthy smoothies. 

Food Combining Chart [Smoothies]

Time Between Meals & Exceptions

There is always an exception to every rule. In this last video you’ll learn how much time to allow between meals, and and the exceptions to the rules of food combining.