Beginners Guide To Healthy Eating

Video Series 

1. Water and Sea Salt

The first step to health may be easier than you think! On average, adults are 60% water. So the water you drink should be at the top of your list if you want to get healthy. In this video I discuss 4 different types of drinking water, how much water you need to be drinking, and the best time of day to drink your water.

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2. My 4 Favorite Daily Essential Supplements

When you implement the RIGHT nutritional supplements into your daily routine, you really only need a few, not a cabinet full.

Here are two that cover most peoples daily needs.

  1. Daily Food Derived Multi Vitamin (non synthetic)
  2. Longevity – Nutritional Powerhouse (cellular/DNA health, Immune System, Glutathione, anti-oxidant and more!)
  3. Rhythm – For ladies only and EVERY woman needs this!
  4. Probiotics – essential for gut health

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3. How To Detox (unjunk) Your Diet

Toxins build up in our bodies over time, often leading to fatigue, sickness, and even serious disease.

In this video you’ll learn some tips on how to start detoxing your diet, and start flooding your body with foods that heal.

4. Breakfast Smoothies

This smoothie is so tasty you won’t believe how healthy it is! It’s quick and easy, whole food, unprocessed plant proteins, healthy fats, high fiber, and sustaining energy. Literally everything you need to start your day off healthy.

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5. Simple Tips To Eating More Veggies

Most of have heard many times how important it is to eat your veggies, but not everyone loves eating vegetables. In this video I give you simple tips to help you increase the amount of vegetables in  your daily diet, and why they are so important.

A few simple recipes to get you started!


6. Carbs, Grains, Breads etc. 

What to look for and avoid

Low carb diets have been popular for awhile now. But not all carbs are bad. In fact some contain essential nutrients and fiber that are very healthy.

In this video I will be reviewing what to look for and what to avoid.

7. What’s The Best Protein?

Proteins are building blocks. We need them. However not all protein is good, and too much protein can raise insulin.

  • Learn how to shop healthy protein
  • How much protein do you need?

 8. Fats and Oils

What do look for and avoid

Fats are essential for good health. But there are many fats and man made oils (eg. canola oil) that are toxic and cause inflammation.

In this video you’ll learn what to look for on ingredient labels, and the best oils to cook with.

 9. Sugar & Sweeteners

Sugar is a HUGE topic! In this video I will review different sugar and sweeteners on the market to help you make healthier choices.

  • How much sugar is ok
  • Reading labels
  • Hidden Sugars: e.g.) 99% of all commercial yogurts are VERY high in sugar. Read labels very carefully.
  • What about fruit sugar?
  • Best sweeteners: best and worst

10. How To Eat for Optimal Digestion & Health

Proper Food Combining is a turn key principle I have applied to every recipe in my Foods That Heal book and my 21 Day Cleanse program that can truly take your health and digestion to the next level.

  • Eliminate gas, bloating, acid reflux, and indigestion
  • Heal your gut and digestive system
  • Increase your energy
  • Take your health and weight loss (if needed) to the next level  

Bonus Video!

Healthiest Foods In Catherine’s Kitchen

In this video I’m going to show examples from 7 categories of the healthiest foods we try to keep on hand on a regular basis.

These categories line up with my  Foods That Heal book.


Your body is your house. If you have symptoms of ill health, overweight, or just not feeling well, it’s your body telling you it’s time to clean house! These are all symptoms of toxic overload and over burdened vital organs.

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