1. Protein

Hair follicles and nails are made up of protein. Protein is the building block of every cell in the body so nothing can grow without protein.

I do not eat a lot of animal protein so I supplement with amino acids (predigested protein). When I get lazy about taking them, my hair stops growing. It’s the craziest thing, but it literally just stops growing. You don’t want to over do the protein, just be sure to consume an adequate amount each day.

Food Sources: hemp seeds, eggs, organic chicken, wild caught salmon.

2. B Vitamins

Biotin helps hair grow and makes hair stronger. Vitamin B5 supports adrenal glands stimulating hair growth. All B vitamins work together. It’s always best to consume whole food sourced B vitamins to ensure you get the full spectrum needed for proper assimilation in the body.

Food Sources: nutritional yeast flakes, eggs

3. Iodine

Iodine supports thyroid function which supports hair growth. A congested or slow thyroid will almost always lead to hair loss. I strongly recommend a good detox along with a whole food source of iodine. It’s really important that iodine is taken in a plant based whole food and not isolated because your thyroid needs a full spectrum of nutrients, not just one.

Food Sources: eggs, seaweed.

4. Healthy Fats

Healthy fats support scalp health, hair growth, and make your hair soft. About a month after I committed to eating an avocado every day my hair stylist asked me what I was doing because my hair was so soft! Omega 3 essential fatty acids are at the top of the list with avocados.

Food Sources: avocados, hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, salmon, oceans alive.

5. Trace Minerals

Minerals strengthen hair follicles. Most people are deficient because we don’t eat enough green leafy vegetables along with drinking purified water that is void of minerals. Then we drink coffee or sugary drinks that cause us to eliminate through our urine the very few minerals we actually do consume.

Food Sources: unrefined sea salt, green leafy veggies

6. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is involved in collagen synthesis and tissue repair.

Food Sources: red bell peppers, kale, berries

7. Zinc

This mineral helps strengthen your hair follicles and prevent hair loss. It also plays a role in your oil glands functioning properly, which protects your hair from dryness and dandruff.

Food Sources: pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds.


All the best to your health!

Catherine Rudolph, CNC
Certified Nutrition Consultant