4 Steps To Beat Cancer

Sickness and disease develop over time, often years. Once symptoms start to show up, it will take some time and massive action (diet and lifestyle changes) to undo the years of damage and get well again. But I strongly believe in healing. I put the following guidelines together to help give people a starting place in their journey to health. In my 21 Day Detox Program I “put it all together” for you so it’s not overwhelming. You don’t have to piece meal your way through or try to figure it out. It’s just a straight forward plan that includes the meal plans, recipes, liver flushing, 25 tutorial videos, etc.

Please note I am not a doctor. But the following guidelines are four excellent steps to start your journey to health.

1. Anti-Inflammatory Diet 

  • Reduce/eliminate inflammation and boost immune system

  • PURIFIED water with sea salt and minerals

  • Detox Drink (detoxifies, alkalizes, floods body with nutrients)

  • Juicing – floods your body with nutrition and bypasses digestion floods body with nutrients

  • Smoothies – easy to digest, excellent for colon health, very important you follow recipes exactly. Adding honey, yogurt, protein powders, etc. will sabotage your smoothie.

  • Plant based – low in added fats, high in raw alkalizing fruits, veggies, and fresh juice (no bottled ever)

  • Cruciferous veggies – excellent for liver health, may fight cancer

  • ELIMINATE all processed foods, restaurant food, sugar and all animal food, and no MSG ever.

  • No restaurant food. Period. Even salads are full of pesticides, herbicides, radiated and washed in toxic chlorine.

2. Cleanse/Detox

  • A Clean Body Is a Healthy Body

  • 21 Day Detox

  • Colon cleansing – SBO probiotics, fresh fruit, oxypowder if needed

  • Liver Cleansing and Flushing – included in my 21-day detox this is my most comprehensive detox program.

  • Kidneys – water, juicing, parsley, dandelion root

  • Coffee Enemas – cleanses liver and blood (contact me directly for instructions)

  • Parasite Cleanse

  • Lymph Drainage – view 20 Ways To Drain Your Lymph

  • Remove mercury fillings if possible

  • Eliminate toxic cleaning products, soaps, lotions etc- you can email Susan Miller at [email protected] for tips on how to detox your home and non-toxic essentials.

3. Take Cancer Fighting Supplements 

(In order)

  • Fulvic Ionic Minerals – enhances the bio-availability and nutrient absorption of every nutrient dense food you consume.
  • Hemp CBD Oil – inhibit cancer cell growth, reduce chronic pain including fibromyalgia, reduce inflammation, stop the progression of auto-immune, reduce anxiety, PTSD, improve sleep, etc.

  • Daily All In One Organic Greens
  • Apricot Kernels – may destroy cancer cells and reduce inflammation

  • Bosemeric SR – anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, liver detoxification support

  • Beta Glucan – boosts immune system

  • Enzymes – Proteolytic Enzymes and Digestive Enzymes (contact me to order)

  • Esiak Tea 

  • Green/White Tea – high in anti-oxidants- drink in moderation

  • Selenium – brazil nuts are excellent food source I take one every day

  • Garlic -fresh – ant-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal.